Ski and Snowboard Tuition Prices
Eden Ski School

The prices below are valid for the entire 2019-2020 season for reservations made directly with our school either by email or online before the first class will take place. The prices are valid for booking at least one ski or snowboard class (2 consecutive hours). During Christimas Holidays, School Breaks and high-season weekends the prices are different and you can consult them in the second section of this page.  

These prices are already discounted with at least 17% than normal prices available without reservation. 

Private Classes

  • Private classes (1 person)

    120 Lei / Hour / Person
    Experience has taught us that each person is different and therefore one-to-one classes are the best way to meet each person’s specific needs. This way of delivering the lesson allows the ski instructor to focus his or her entire attention on the person he/she is working with. An experienced ski instructor is able to spot the areas that need development and design exercises able to address and correct the issues identified. These can range from ski drills for improving balance on skis to working on the lack of self-confidence some students experience.
  • Private classes (2 persons)

    90 Lei / Hour / Person
    Learning a new sport together with your best friend or life partner is also a lot of fun. Book semi-private ski classes, and you will have the opportunity to share a new experience together with your person!

Group classes

There are, of course, people who feel more at ease when learning together with a group of friends. Children, for example, can often feel more motivated by skiing together. For group classes to be successful, the participants making up the group should have a similar ski and fitness level.

Due to the fact that our clients’ safety is always our main concern, in case of any variety in skiing levels in any teaching group, the classes will be delivered at the level of the less experienced person in the group. Group lessons are offered to groups of friends, family etc. that already know each other and opt for taking ski classes together. 

  • 3 persons
  • 80Lei
    per person / hour
  • 4 persons
  • 70Lei
    per person / hour
  • 5 persons +
  • 60Lei
    per person / hour

Please note that for groups of children under the age of 6, we teach a maximum number of six in a group and the children need to be at a similar level.

Special Fees During Winter Holidays, School Breaks and Weekends

tarife sarbatori cursuri ski

Special fees during Christmas and New Year Holiday (21st December 2019 – 12th January 2020), the National Bank Holiday of 24th January 2020, the School Breaks (3rd - 7th February 2020 and 15th - 25th February 2020) and all weekends (Fridays to Sundays) between 15th December 2019 - 24th February 2020.

  • Private classes
  • 120Lei
    per person / hour
  • Private classes (2 - 3 pers)
  • 100Lei
    per person / hour
  • Group classes (4 pers. +)
  • 80Lei
    per person / hour

Terms and Conditions:

1. The prices below are already discounted with at least 17% than normal prices available without reservation. To benefit from the reduced prices you need to make a reservation before the first booked class will take place. 

2. The option to book one hour (60 minutes) instead of one standard ski or snowboard class of 2 consecutive hours is offered only on off peak dates, holidays and weekends are usually excluded. For reservations of one hour (60 minutes), an extra charge of 20 lei / hour applies which is added to the standard prices above. One hour cannot be fractioned (you cannot book half-hours). The extra charge doesn't apply for children under the age of 6. 

3. Please note that these are the tuition prices for ski/snowboard classes and the ski lift pass is not included in this price.

4. One hour of ski or snowboard instruction means 55 minutes of actual teaching.