Come and learn how to ski in Romania

Poiana Brasov Postavaru Peak

Top reasons why you should learn to ski (or snowboard) in Romania


So, finally, you have made that decision! It is time to join other adrenaline-dependant, snow lovers out there. You are fed up with watching your friends being heroes on the slopes and would like to get that stylish ‘swishy’ look yourself. We totally get it. So, why do we think Romania is the best place to get those skis on for the first time? Read on and find out!


Better prices for ski lessons

Eastern Europe has its perks. Price is one of them and when it comes to taking ski or snowboard lessons for a few days in a row, it makes a big difference. Prices for booking a certified ski or snowboard instructor are as much as three times less expensive in Romania then Central and Western Europe. Most of the ski lessons that are offered in Romania are private ski lessons, which offer the highest level of personal development and the best results. When it comes to taking 1:1 lessons, most of the ski schools in Poiana Brasov (Romania’s biggest ski resort) will charge 120 lei / hour (which is about €25) compared to Central and Western Europe prices which can vary between €70 (Austria) - €110 (Italy) per hour. Prices also go down if you bring your friends around and choose to take ski or snowboard lessons together. Two people taking lessons together will end up paying €20 per hour each while in a group of six each pays only €13 per hour.

Quite easy to get to

The Carpathian Mountains, situated in the middle of the country, are very easily accessible from several international airports. Bucharest’s Henri Coanda airport is only 2 hours and 30 minutes away and Sibiu International Airport is a mere 2 hours’ drive. Poiana Brasov is close to Western Europe as well as the Middle East. A wealth of low-cost and standard airlines serve both airports and car rentals are cheap and widely available for tourists at offices at the airports.

A safe and friendly country

Romania is one of the safest countries in Eastern Europe and a member of the EU since 2007. Women are safe to go out in the city by themselves – even after midnight. Due to its rich history, Romania is a culturally and ethnically diverse country and Brasov itself, located in the heart of the country, has, for centuries, been a crossing point between the Southern part of Romania and Transylvania. A mix of nationalities and ethnic groups have been living in Brasov since the 13th century (Germans, Hungarians, Romanians as well as an historically important Jewish community).

Romania Friendly Visit

Romanians are generally very open-minded people and are very open to meeting tourists from other cultures and religions. Brasov features Catholic, Protestant and Orthodox churches as well as having of the most importnt Synagogues in the country.

Romanians speak good English

Because Romanian is not a major European language such as German, French or Italian, most of the young people in Romania learn English since kindergarten, so you will find it is very easy to communicate on the streets, in the restaurants or on the ski slopes. Most of the ski and snowboard instructors are fluent in English and ready to deliver top-quality lessons to an international audience.

Transylvania is the land of legends

Even if you are planning your winter holiday around your ski lessons, it is good to know there is plenty to do if your legs get tired and want to take a day off exploring the region. The town of Brasov itself, situated only 12 km away from the ski resort of Poiana Brasov, is a medieval architectural gem. Brasov is also the gateway to Transylvania, the mysterious land of Dracula and is full of fortified medieval towns and important wild-life reserves and reservations. Only 1 hour away, in Zarnesti, you will find Europe’s biggest bear sanctuary and Dracula’s caste in Bran is only 45 minutes away. The best-preserved medieval town in Europe that is still inhabited and is a UNESCO world-heritage site is Sighisoara. And it is only 2 hours away by car from Poiana Brasov.

Good value for money

Low Prices RomaniaAlthough we don’t like to think price should be the first thing to take into consideration when you book your holiday, it is important to think about it, especially when you are travelling with a big family. In Poiana Brasov accommodation can range between €70 - €200 a night but in the city of Brasov itself, which is 20 minutes away, you can find AirBnB apartments for families for as little as €45 per night. Renting full ski or snowboard equipment will cost around €12 per day and a meal in traditional and international restaurants will not usually exceed €60 for a family with 2 children. In comparison, a ski apartment for a week in Austria would costs around €1,250 and a hotel can be as expensive as €2,400 per week. Ski equipment rental in Central/Western Europe range between €30 - €45 per day. You can further save on accommodation in Poiana Brasov if you choose to book your holiday in low-season which starts after the beginning of March. While snow usually holds until mid-April, it is better to plan your holiday before 25th March. Ski passes in Poiana Brasov are also some 30% cheaper than Austria and France. So why not give it a try?

Are you convinced? You can book you ski lessons now to get the best price out there and get booked in with the best instructor for you.

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